How to win

Clairvoyance is played by two players trying to damage or eliminate each other's four robots. The first player to do so wins the game. If all robots are damaged or eliminated at the end of a turn the game is a tie.

Robot health

A robot can be in three different states: normal, damaged and destroyed. All robots start out in the normal state. If they are hurt they become damaged and will not be able to do anything (they also start emitting smoke). Another robot can heal a damaged robot to make it normal and working again. If a damaged robot is hurt again (before being healed) it will be destroyed and removed from the game, never to return again. Some weapons and sitations can destroy a robot immediately, without going through the damaged state.

Placing the robots

The first thing that happens in a new game is that both players place their four robots. You can't see where the other player places her or his robots. Robots can only be placed on the base line, closest to your side of the board. When you are done placing all your robots you press 'submit' and wait for the other player to do the same.

TIP: Robots can be placed on top of blocks and other robots.

Making moves

Both players get to make five moves each turn. The other player can't see what moves you have planned, instead they will be revealed at the same time. You can divide your moves in any way between your robots; one robot can do all the moves or you can split it up more evenly.

To make a complete move you have to select both which robot should move (A, B, C or D) and what exact move it should do. There are a lot of different actions to choose from. On the left side of the action pane are different ways to get around the board and on the right side are different weapons and abilities:

If you hover with the mouse cursor over an action you will get a description for its rules.

When you have made all your five moves you can try them out by pressing the "try moves" button. This will simulate your moves for the next turn. Since you don't know what the opponent will do his or her robots will not move.

When you're happy with your plans, press the 'submit moves' button down in the right corner of the screen.


When both players have submitted the moves for the next turn you will get to see the result in the 'playback' part of the game. First both player's move #1 will be executed and shown, then #2 and so on. Who goes first is determined by a mechanism called the initiative. You can read a lot more about it here!

Grenade Explosions

After all five moves from both players have been shown there is an eleventh round when all the grenades explode. They all explode at exactly the same time at the height they are currently at (they don't fall down if a grenade under them explode at the same time).

Grenades deal normal damage (like lasers) to the four positions immediately to its sides. That means that if a fully healed robot is hit by a grenade exploding from the side, the robot gets hurt.

A grenade exploding from above or below deals double damage and will destroy a robot standing under it or on top of it. A grenade can also destroy blocks if it is exploding when laying on top of the block. Grenades can not hurt block from the sides.

When the grenades have exploded the turn is over and another one begins, unless a player has lost control over all of her or his robots. In that case the game is over and each players rank is adjusted according to the result.