Will there be an iOS/Android/Linux version?

We want to port the game to as many platforms as possible, iOS is our first priority. We will have to wait and see if the game gets popular enough on Windows and Mac first though!

Is the game secure?

We use SSL for the connection between the client and the server. All passwords are encrypted before storage. We take security very seriously but can't guarantee anything in case of a malicious attack. Please be responsible and don't re-use your password.

Is there a fullscreen mode?

Yes, there is a little icon up in the left corner that toggles between windowed and fullscreen mode. The game requires a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. On small monitors we recommend using the fullscreen mode to save vertical space.

When do I receive e-mail notifications?

If you have selected "receive notifications" in the settings menu you will get an e-mail in the following cases:

  • When someone challenges you
  • When someone is waiting for you to make your move (they have submitted one turn more than you)
  • When you haven't made a move in a game for a long time (2 days)
  • When you have lost a game because of not making a move in time (3 days after the reminder has been sent out)

You will never get e-mail notifications when you are logged into the game.

Why do my moves happen last?

Read all about the initiative here.

Are you going to do Steam Green Light?

Thanks for asking! We will investigate possible platforms and sale channels more when we reach version 1.0