Video preview: Clairvoyance on iOS

After some hard work we have a version of Clairvoyance running smoothly on iPad 3. Hopefully we can get it up on the App Store pretty soon!

v1.0 (Comming Soon)
Hi! Today is special. We're back in development. Making a push for v1.0. This means fewer bugs, releasing previously unreleased content, and shiny new iPad support. Stay tuned.

Thanks again to everyone who is playing Clairvoyance, it's awesome to see that you enjoy the game! We are still very busy getting our other big game project wrapped up so not much will happen with Clairvoyance for a few more months. We still plan on reaching version 1.0 and getting it out on more platforms and stores though, it will just take a little bit more time than we'd really wish.

We think that the most important thing for reaching a bigger audience is getting onto Steam. Thoughts on how we should arrange a Greenlight campaign would be very much appreciated, we have never done that thing and are a little lost when it comes to how to be successful there.

Also, we would like to try to stress test the game by having everyone with the Beta version use it at the same time. We'll try to arrange that some day. Until then - good luck on the battle fields!

<3, The team

Yay, Clairvoyance have been nominated for the Nordic Game Indie Night 2013! Read more about it and the other selected games here.
We're not dead!

We're sorry that things have been kind of silent here lately (except for the people playing, hope you're having a good time!).

We still plan on doing all the things we have talked about, like a tablet version, tournament system, and more. Right now we focus a bit on our other game, 'else { Heart.break() }' though, you can see our progress on that one here:

Our plan is to reach version 1.0 within a few months. Onwards!

Episode 4 - Seeing the Future

There is a new beta version out on the Humble Store. Log in here or use the link in the email you received when purchasing the game to download the latest build.

Here's what's new:

  • Graceful handling of connection errors
  • Speech bubbles stay within screen borders
  • More descriptive buttons in the challenge card
  • The help button is now in the middle of the screen
  • The situation where the wrong pawn was highlighted when hovering over buttons is fixed
  • Instant lose bug on some games is fixed
  • Better messages in some situations

As you can see this update was mostly about fixing annoyances, hopefully the next one will have more fun stuff in it!

Clairvoyance TV

We have a much requested update out today - the possibility to watch matches online. Just go to the activity log and press the link to Clairvoyance TV. You can also link to that page if you want to share the match with other people (all matches have a unique url).

Oh, and the client will be updated very soon with lots of bug fixes and improvements.

RedDingo vs. MrFoxter

One of our new players, MrFoxter, was kind enough to record and share this entertaining match.

Clairvoyance Walkthrough!

Awesome indie game creator Adam Atomic (Canabalt, Gravity Hook, upcoming game Hundreds) has recorded a playthrough where he describes how to play Clairvoyance and what he thinks about the game. It's great - thanks so much Adam!

In this video he challenges Erik, the designer of the game. The outcome? Watch the video :)